Sunday, May 2, 2010

"Do You Not Understand?" May 2, 2010 message on Mark 4:1-20

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  1. Never posted a comment on one of your messages, but felt like this one needed one. The message spoke to me today in a different way maybe than you intended, but just the same it made sense to me. As you know I am a teacher in a difficult setting with at risk youth. Your message reminded me that I too must keep sowing because the seeds that I plant fall on all kinds of soils. I might add here that in my case it sometimes takes years before the seeds that are sown sprout if they sprout at all. Having heard your message today, I realized that if I had never sown the seeds, then there would be no possibility of ever producing fruit. And since my seeds sometimes take years to sprout, I must sow abundantly in the hope that some of what i sow will sprout and grow and produce fruit one day.

    Great message. Thanks for reminding me that God never stops sowing and if I'm doing his work then I should continue to sow abundantly and have faith that one day the seeds will sprout and grow and produce fruit.